Investing for a better future


The Heywood Advisory service fulfills the following roles:

Search for and evaluation of suitable impact investments

Negotiation for you into impact investments

Monitoring of performance and involvement in the investments chosen

Advising you of the international tax implications of such investments

 “Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.” Quote from Wikipedia and GIIN. Impact investments do need a pact of understanding.

Impact investing is the term originally used by US family offices to imply investing by their clients into investments which give measurable social or environmental benefit. We call this philanthropy with a measured gain. Such investment would not of course invest in arms or tobacco manufacture, for example, and herein lies the difference compared to investing in indices or generally into mutual funds / unit trusts.

Clients who enter into such impact portfolio approaches are comfortable and feel very often that they should be putting something back into society since they have more than enough. Impact investing is not charity, where the donation is not returned. They are true investments with all the associated inherent gains and risks, but providing a measurable social or environmental benefit. Investing in impact investments is not easy and the most suitable have to be found and then properly managed. One method which spreads the risk is to invest in a portfolio of low cost suitable ETFs.