Investors who have had, or still have, their own businesses often feel more comfortable about investing in another business. The business may be in need of capital to advance, or diversify or the owners may prefer an out-right sale. The owners of another business may be interested in diluting their equity so as to advance their business or sell their equity completely to fulfill other needs or wishes, such as retirement.

Whether buying or selling the transaction can be a roller coaster emotionally and needs great care in negotiating, receiving good legal advice and checking out the other party.

Heywood Advisory fulfills the following roles:

The search for and evaluation of suitable investments

Carrying out due diligence and investigation of such investments

Negotiation for, or with, clients on a transaction

Monitoring the performance of the investment

Involvement, where requested, in the management of the business

Advising clients of the international tax implications of their investment

Negotiation of any exit strategy required and the potential for such

Such investments are usually of a reasonable size so as to be economically effective.

Inevitably in such a more complex framework Heywood Advisory has to be very clear with the client as to the responsibilities. A clear agreement is therefore necessary to define Heywood Advisoryís role and limitations as to liability. If any directorship role is required then we would be at lengths to conform to the Delaware Supreme Court Guidance for Director Independence and in maintaining our armís length and professional relationship with the client.